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The Art of Being Authentic



Does shame, guilt, or fear stop you from being your authentic self?


Learning to embrace your authentic self has never been easier. The Art of Being Authentic is a wonderfully concise book that provides actionable principles and supportive lessons to begin a journey of self-acceptance, self-respect, and self-love.


Therapist and author Tracey R. Cobb’s readers will learn to define the essence of who they are and affirm their worth and value through belief in themselves.


Perfect for anyone looking to embrace the journey of becoming the best version of themselves.

01 December 2022


From start to finish, Tracey is the best friend we all need to give us a kick in the butt when we forget who we are and to love us through those dark moments. Grab a pen and get ready to do the work. You won’t regret it! 

Alexandria Brown, Author

You, Me & Depression: A Battle of the Heart & the Mind

The Art of Being Authentic is a critical trauma-informed tool that every clinician who embraces holistic healing should integrate into their toolkit. 


Towanda Jackson, LMFT

Jackson Marriage & Family Counseling

I loved this book - not only its messaging but the fact that it is very manageable and a great length. Almost gift-y. This is something people can easily incorporate into their daily lives.

Tara Lewis, CEO

Tara Lewis Publishing Service 


Tracey R. Cobb is a therapist, author, life coach, and relationship strategist who is also lovingly known as “Therapist Tracey”. Her background has given her keen insight into the self-help and awareness arena, mostly about relationships and dating. It has driven her passion for helping people live with intention and authenticity.


Through her stories, Tracey hopes you will find that the pursuit of authenticity and letting go of trying to meet the expectations of others is a beautiful thing. She wants you to love the idea of learning who you are and stepping unapologetically into the space you occupy on this earth. 


Tracey lives just North of Atlanta, Georgia, where she loves the Black culture, the proximity to civil rights and her history, the beautiful weather, and the family-centered community where she raised her children. The Art of Being Authentic is her debut non-fiction book.