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The Imagination Machine




Engage your child’s growing mind through curiosity, fascination, and wonder!

Oh no! Sam has lost his imagination. When his friend Ophelia finds out, she comes up with a creative solution – they’ll use her Imagination Machine to find it!


Ophelia’s Imagination Machine can take them anywhere they want, all they need to do is draw a picture of where they want to go. Together, Sam and Ophelia embark on an amazing adventure through all kinds of worlds, searching for Sam’s lost imagination. 


The Imagination Machine playfully taps into the creative genius of a child’s mind while demonstrating the importance of friends helping friends. Adults and children will enjoy exploring the book’s colorful pages and finding special surprises in magical places and faraway lands.


03 December 2022


The Imagination Machine has quickly become a go-to favorite in our home! The hidden treasure of going on a different adventure page after page gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling as it evokes feelings of nostalgia. My children hang on to every word, awaiting the next stop on Ophelia and Sam’s journey. This is definitely a book you’ll want to add to your children’s collection!

Meisha Mayo

Pen2Paper Editorial

My five-year-old daughter loved it! She asked, “Can I lose my imagination?” I told her “No”, but if she did, we’d build an Imagination Machine to find it.

John Briggs


Our students really enjoyed the presentation and books! We gave our Pre-K classes extra copies of the book, and they were so inspired; they also completed an activity. 

We would love to continue doing this for our amazing kiddos! 

Janay Ingram

Oakcliff Elementary

School Counselor

Tiffany Lafleur and Christina Pellegrino


Tiffany Lafleur


Christina Pellegrino




Tiffany and Christa are huge nerds who relish in annoying one another in their spare time.


They began their creative partnership during a brief chat when Tiffany was looking for an illustrator. From there, Christina and Tiffany have collaborated on two books, Susie and the Dinosaurs and The Imagination Machine. Tiffany has also informed Christina they are working on a third. 


Tiffany and Christina inspire one another to reach their artistic and creative heights and work diligently to produce the best stories possible. They both enjoy a good cup of coffee with a side of sarcasm.