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Ocean of Tears






A true-to-life novel about trauma and breaking free from narcissistic relationships. 


Ariyo is young, vibrant, and on a quest to find genuine love in the sprawling city of Lagos, Nigeria. Instead, she is caught in a cycle of abuse by men she trusts.


This novel is about surviving abuse, healing from trauma, and the pursuit of justice and change.

07 December 2022

About the Author


Ololade Akinlabi is a prose writer with a particular focus on themes related to gender relations and gender biases, as well as a poet with poems featured in various international journals and magazines. 


Ololade's latest work is the adult fiction novel Ocean of Tears – a purposeful story exhibiting the realities of gender violence against women. Through his work, Ololade hopes to amplify the voices of women whose stories and experiences related to gender-based violence and biases are too often misrepresented or ignored, particularly throughout largely patriarchal societies. 


When not writing, Ololade enjoys reading African novels by authors like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Ayi Kwei Armah. He currently resides in Ibadan, Nigeria, where he imparts his knowledge of social issues as a teacher.


Ololade is the 2018 winner of the Ken Egba Poetry Prize by Poet award and the 2017 Nominee for the Writer’s Award in Nigeria.