Publishing with purpose


Oluwaseun Michael Xavier Ifetoyosi Chidera Awogbemi realized his love for writing because of his temperament growing up and his extremely active imagination. He sees his ability to bring visions from the realm of the unseen into the physical world as his SUPERPOWER (*superhero stance*). 

Born on the third planet,149.6 million kilometers from the sun, and spending his formative years on two continents 6,624 miles from each other, this multi-lingual, multi-talented, multi-ethnic, multi-Billionaire (in the nearest future 😉) enjoys making his readers think. 

When he's not writing, he enjoys listening to music (anything with a soothing instrumental or strong 808 beat), taking walks to fuel his imagination, and, biggest of all, sleeping. 

The amalgamation of Yoruba mythology and certain true-life events gave birth to his first/debut novel Ólúse: The Genesis, a collaborative effort with Ebuka Don Sylva. 

Michael Xavier currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria, with his aunt, uncle, and a German Shepherd named Zeus.



Ebuka Don Sylva (Chukwuebuka Vitalis Sylvester Agujekpe) is the co-author of Ólúse: The Genesis, a novel in a series inspired by aspects of Yoruba mythology and informed by certain true-to-life events.


Ebuka’s passion for the literary arts and entertainment has fueled his love for writing since he was very young. As a child, Ebuka preferred to spend his free time imparting narratives to family, friends, and teachers who encouraged him to pursue his ideas through writing.


Ebuka believes the truest form of storytelling is that which is relatable and, as a lifelong writer, has always found peace in the comfort of sharing his own words with others. 


When in need of further creative inspiration, he enjoys listening to calming music to nurture his mind and cultivate new and novel ideas.


Apart from authoring books, Ebuka is also a poet, songwriter, and screenwriter. His movies include The King is Mad, Two, not One, Deeply Troubled, and From the North.


Ebuka currently resides in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria.





Inspired by Yoruba mythology


It's the witching hour in a world where dark magic permeates the land and prophecies are conjured. It is foretold that a young mortal must be sacrificed so the coven may live. Will they find the lad before he self-destructs? Or will he embrace his fears and emerge as a god? 



You are curious about West African (Yoruba) Mythology

You are fascinated by the supernatural

You are seeking identity and purpose

You can relate to overcoming family trauma